NCOALink® Processing Service

NCOALink is a product of the United States Post Office®. It is made available to provide a means for businesses to keep mailing address information current and to meet the Move Update Requirement. The NCOALink processing service compares your mailing list to a database of move information that on average, contains approximately 160 million permanent address changes. When a name and address on your mailing list matches a name and “old” address on the NCOALink database, you will receive the new address where available.

The source of the NCOALink data is any permanent change of address filed with the Post Office™. Anytime a relocating postal customer files a permanent change of address with the Post Office, the move is added to the change of address database and kept on the file for four years from the move effective date. The database is updated weekly. Temporary moves are not carried on the NCOALink database.

The typical profile of the new address information contained on the NCOALink file is as follows:

  • 89.68% Forwardable moves containing delivery point confirmed new addresses – new address provided
  •   1.19% Moves containing unconfirmed new addresses – new address not provided
  •   7.44% Moved, left no forwarding address
  •   1.63% PO Box™ closed
  •   0.06% Foreign moves

The NCOALink file is composed of approximately:

  • 54% Individual moves
  • 40% Family moves
  •   6% Business moves

In most cases the NCOALink processing service is by far the most cost effective way to obtain change of address information. It is a “pre-mailing” method of meeting the Move Update Requirement.

NCOALink processing helps ensure prompt mail delivery by sending to the most current mailing address. It also helps reduce these mailing expenses:

  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Address correction charges

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