Postal Presort

Lorton Data uses PAVE™ certified postal presort software to presort your mailing list. PAVE is a USPS® certification process for presort software. Postal presort sorts your mailing list to optimize postage savings and provides all of the necessary mailing documentation: postage reports, bag tags and tray tags, etc. We offer a variety of output file formats, as well as select printer files and labels.

Presort processing will help you to reduce postage and avoid the hassle of hand sorting your mailing. When you come to Lorton Data for presort processing, you can expect competitive pricing, expert technology, and knowledgeable, friendly support.

  • First-Class™, USPS Marketing Mail®, Package Services, Periodicals, (including Palletization and Manifest Mailing)
  • Postage reports
  • All required documentation — complete facsimiles of USPS® required reports
  • Tray or Sack Labels
  • DDU, SCF, ADC, and NDC destination drop documentation
  • Every Door Direct Mail®
  • Informed Delivery® and Tracing (A-Qua MailTrac™)
  • Regular and nonprofit presorts
  • Intelligent Mail® Barcode
  • Mail.dat® – when requested

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Full-Service IMb®

Full-Service IMb is easy. When you submit a presort job with Lorton Data, simply select the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode option and enter your specifications. With your completed job, Lorton Data will return the needed electronic documentation for you to submit to the USPS PostalOne!® site for testing through TEM and final submission.

Basic IMb®

Get started with Basic IMb in 5 Easy Steps.

Presort Tips:

To accurately determine mailpiece specifications, use ten mailpieces and then take the average. Height and width of a mailpiece are determined by the orientation of the address block.

Mailpiece design is an important factor both in reaching your customers and in budgeting your promotional campaigns. Were you aware that the design of your mailpiece can drastically affect the postage rates and deliverability? The Postal Business Center has mailpiece design analysts who can help you to realize lower postage rates while maintaining the marketing pizazz of your promotional material.

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