Need a Quick Postage Estimate?

Below are average per piece costs for postage based on class of mail, size and shape of your mail piece and where the mail is going. For example, if you are mailing a nationwide USPS Marketing Mail® letter size piece to 5,000 households, your postage can be estimated at 5,000 x $0.349 = $1,745.00.

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Presorted First-Class Mail®

Cards  ≤3.5 oz.: $0.359
Letters ≤3.5 oz.: $0.515
Flats     ≤1.0 oz.: $0.934

USPS Marketing Mail®

Letters ≤3.5 oz.
Local:  $0.296
Nationwide: $0.349

Flats ≤4.0 oz.
Local: $0.530
Nationwide: $0.854

Nonprofit Letters ≤3.5 oz.
Local: $0.154
Nationwide: $0.207

Nonprofit Flats ≤4.0 oz.
Local: $0.324
Nationwide: $0.648

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