Expert Assisted Consumer Lists

Lorton Data provides the right lists for your consumer direct marketing programs. We take time to learn about your company and your needs. We think over the options. Then, based on many years of direct marketing experience, we recommend the direct mail or telemarketing lists most likely to succeed.

  • List strategies to help you target the right consumers
  • List research to identify the best sources
  • List selection and ordering to get the right consumer names into your hands quickly and effortlessly
  • List processing to merge multiple lists into an unduplicated file
  • The Lorton Data Household File draws from the best sources of names and information for over 90 million households and 150 million consumers
  • The Lorton Data Occupant File draws from multiple sources of over 116 million post office-verified addresses
  • New listings of recently moved households
Profile Selections

You can target specific consumer segments using these and other selection criteria. On request, Lorton Data will recommend appropriate targeting criteria for your program.

Popular Profile Selections
Age Length of Residence Occupation Types Mail Responsive
Income Dwelling Type Ethnicity Charitable Contributions
Children Own/Rent Home Values

For frequently used combinations of services, Lorton Data creates applications and integrated multiple-service modules such as our QPL™ (Quality Plus Leads). Using applications simplifies complex tasks such as setting up dealer co-operative direct mail campaigns and saves you money as well. If your marketing-to-names program requires complex list acquisition and management services, ask us whether we already have an application developed, or how we can develop one for you.

QPL / Field Sales

Supplying enough ready-to-contact prospect names to feed a hungry sales force, or to motivate independent distributors or dealers, is a full time job. QPL/Field Sales makes it our job.

QPL / Field Sales programs provide:

  • Data in an electronic format, or labels sorted by individual sales rep, distributor or dealer
  • Computerized or custom division of potential customers to account for overlapping sales territories
  • A direct mail instructional booklet for every participant
  • For dealer programs, a dealer recruitment kit customized for your company
QPL / Store Traffic

Whether you operate one store or thousands, marketing to customers within the appropriate radius is becoming a must.

QPL / Store Traffic provides:

  • Mailing or telemarketing lists of customers within your store trading areas
  • Customized neighborhood selections down to individual block groups
  • Computerized or custom separation of multi-store marketing territories
  • Free consultation on store traffic-building techniques

Have Questions?

We do the complicated list processing work to make it easy for you. Contact us so we can provide the right custom lists for your business.