A-Qua Platform Availability


Lorton Data’s A-Qua Platform is a powerful and flexible platform that provides easy access to our services and expertise, all with state-of-the-art security. In addition to the availability of Lorton Data’s SOC 2 Type 2 audit report upon request, the following describes Lorton Data’s uptime standards, fail over systems and data retention standards. This document is updated from time-to-time and reflects our current standards.


Lorton Data’s A-Qua Platform target for uptime is 99.7% of total time available, excluding scheduled maintenance periods. We strive to exceed this target.

Data Retention

Lorton Data restricts the amount of time client data files are retained. The current standards balance client needs and security best-practices. The standard for completed jobs processed through A-Qua Mailer™ is to store the data in an encrypted form for a minimum of 4 days, not to exceed 91 days. After deletion from our systems, this data remains on encrypted backup for up to 70 days. For more information contact the Lorton Data Support Team.

The output for completed jobs are stored encrypted prior to download and are available for a minimum of 4 days, not to exceed 15 days, after a job is completed.

Scheduled Maintenance Periods

Lorton Data performs system maintenance from time-to-time. Login messages are provided in advance to inform customers of scheduled maintenance periods, and these are kept within a small window on typically low-service days. When a need for maintenance is identified, Lorton Data’s standard is to perform such tasks in one of the following time windows:

  • Monday through Sunday 10:00 pm to 11:59 pm Central Time
  • Sunday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time


All critical systems and processes (primary, secondary and backup site) are monitored 24/7 so the appropriate personnel can be notified immediately when errors occur. Even though secondary units are automatically engaged when certain failures occur, it is our goal to get the primary units operational as soon as possible.

Automatic Failover

In the event of a failure on any web server providing our services, Lorton Data has automatic failover capabilities that redirect customer traffic to secondary systems. If a primary system fails, the failover engages the secondary systems through a monitoring service that continually checks the primary system status. The secondary systems reside on a completely different internet connection from the primary units which allows for almost instant recovery from failures at both the primary internet connection and computer system levels. This failover process, in most cases, is transparent to the end user.

Services Protected by Automatic Failover

  • A-Qua Mailer web
  • A-Qua Mailer FTP
  • A-Qua Mailer desktop
  • A-Qua Mailer command

Internal Systems

Our processes include the use of more than one internal system to successfully complete an A-Qua Mailer job submission. These systems are transparent to the end user but dependent on each other. These systems have redundant systems prepared to accept the responsibilities of its primary counterpart if the primary system fails.

Secondary Site

In the unlikely event of both primary and secondary system failures, Lorton Data maintains a backup facility with sufficient resources for processing customer job submissions. This site is completely independent from our primary facility and is, as per our SOC 2 controls, updated regularly with all necessary applications and data needed for providing our services.

Automated Testing

Lorton Data continually runs automated testing, and has test data going back six months. The test data indicates that we have exceeded our goal of greater than 99.7% uptime, accounting for the scheduled maintenance, for the entire period of the test data for the A-Qua Platform.


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