Better ideas start with a better view of your data.

A world of data is lying within your organization, if only you could see it cleaned and consolidated. It’s often not about buying or appending more data. You’re likely not tapping into what you already have.

Our clients often ask, “What’s a better way of…?” The answer usually begins by taking your data and making it better. Imagine what you could do better if only you could:

  • Hand holding phone with data optionsGather internal and external data to support a business strategy.
  • Automate and streamline operations.
  • Develop a custom system for a new initiative or replacement of an obsolete system.
  • Ensure a clean database when converting from one system to another.
  • Make multiple silos of data and dissimilar systems “talk to each other.”

Mergers and acquisitions require experts to accurately and seamlessly provide data integration services. When it’s time to bring together multiple databases from various companies, we’ll combine the data in your preferred system and give users a unified view.

What could you do (or stop doing) if you pulled all your data together and saw it the way you needed? It’s all about making good data available.

  • Illustration of custom data solutionClean up poor quality data entry.
  • Eliminate duplicate mail pieces.
  • Capture response data and report marketing campaign results.
  • Analyze customer profiles and loyalty to create appropriate messaging.
  • Strengthen sales tools with better data from multiple sources.

You no doubt own software to capture and report various data points. Good start. Now, leverage your data and get even more done with professional services from Lorton Data.

What could you do (or stop doing) if you saw your data the way you needed?

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