Mytana Manufacturing

The request

Track my mailings so I know how well each purchased list is working.

Response analysis of our weekly catalog mailings was mostly anecdotal. If phones started ringing from Utah, we concluded it must be because of the Utah mailing. Understanding actual sales from new customers had been on our wish list for some time. We simply had too much on our plates to give it proper attention.

The remedy

The process of tracking sales was not as complicated as we thought it would be. Each fall we purchase several business lists for a one-year unlimited use. Lorton Data does all the list processing for our catalog mailings to a select group of the lists. After a window of response time, our sales data is matched with the lists Lorton Data maintains for us. The reports from this matching give us valuable information beyond a few simple numbers. Now we can analyze who bought how much product, when they purchased it and where. We can make more informed and smarter decisions going forward.

Now we can mail fewer catalogs and get better results while still testing new lists.

The result

We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars by weeding out lists that don’t produce sales. We used to mail large quantities every week. Now we can mail fewer catalogs and get better results while still testing new lists. We learned we should have been tracking our mailings a long time ago. And the process gets easier and faster every time we do it.

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– Tricia Austin
Marketing Manager
Mytana Manufacturing

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